Meet Ruth Brown

Genuine | Artistic | Fun | NZIPP Accredited | Award-Winning | Bespoke | Passionate

"It's my job to create an everlasting visual story of your special day, and to capture memories, tears, love, joy… because there is so much beauty in all of these."


I’m Ruth Brown, and Fluidphoto is my business, my heart and my soul. I am an award-winning photographer based in Wanaka, in New Zealand’s South Island. I specialise in wedding and portrait photography.

Of all your wedding vendors, you are going to spend the most time during your incredible day with your photographer. It's pretty important to choose someone who you feel connected to- not only in terms of style, but also in personality.

As a wedding photographer, I find myself on-call in the lead-up to almost every big day, with no problem or query being too big for me to solve. I am an organiser, a problem solver, a cheerleader and an authentic source of buoyant, positive energy- as well as a picture taker.

I am committed one hundred percent to you and your wedding. This includes giving advice before and on the day in general. I am happy to meet you for coffee as many times as you want, and am never far from email, Skype or a phone call.

I will scout out locations specifically for you, taking into account the time of year and where the sun is at any one time. I will come to your rehearsal and help with suggestions on how to run your day as smoothly as possible. I will always be there when you need help with direction in posing. I am there on your day as early as you need so as to capture the bridal preparations, and only leave when the dance floor is full.

I will always have a smile on my face and never complain. Weather doesn't faze me; in fact, I always find a positive come rain or shine with a special love of clouds. I will capture epic location photos, intimate moments and everything in-between throughout the day.

Mostly, I will give you my all, as your wedding day is so unique and special to me.



- BA Honours Degree in Fine Art
- MA in Digital Media Art
- NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography)
- Awards: 1 x silver & 1 x bronze IRIS Print Awards 2016, 2 x bronze IRIS Print Awards 2013

Fun facts about me…

// My comfort food is mashed potato.

// I love to get things in the mail, and a daily ritual is to go down to the letterbox to see if anything is there.

// I will always stop to greet a cat.

// I am lucky with paper raffle tickets, but so far unlucky with online entries.

// Spiderman was my first ever hero and I collected comics for years.

// I did my Art 'O' level at age 13 – three years younger than usual. Since I spent so much time around the art rooms, my teacher decided to enter me as an experiment. I got an A!

// My favourite book & movies are either Science Fiction or Mythological.

// I still find it hard not to get too emotional, and cry at every wedding!