A beautiful Rainy Day Wedding at Wanaka Station Park

So many couples ask me what would happen if it rained on their wedding day… though it was near-monsoon weather for Tammy & Leon's wedding back in March, nothing really deterred the beautiful day unfurling as planned. A truly wonderful day filled with laughter and umbrellas, excitement and joy, children playing in the rain …. a visit to Coromandel Peak when the rain stopped and later on the sun even showed itself. Ralph Fegan was the celebrant and the reception was held at Gin and Raspberry Wanaka. Thank you, Tammy and Leon, for inviting me to share your special day. bride-getting-ready-wanaka-01 bride-flowergirl-dress-02 tammy_leon_03 groomsmen-wanaka-04 mother-son-moment-05 wedding-raining-06 rainy-wedding-wanaka-07 flowergirls-08 tammy_leon_09 ralph-fegan-celebrant-10 tammy_leon_11 tammy_leon_12 tammy_leon_13 wanaka-station-park-wedding-14 children-at-a-wedding-15 wedding-location-woolshed-16 woolshed-wedding-photo-17 tammy_leon_18 woolshed-wedding-19 coromandel-peak-wedding-20 mt-roy-wedding-rain-21 heli-wedding-wanaka-rain-22 tammy_leon_23 wedding-wanaka-station-park-24 wanaka-station-park-wedding-photos-25 tammy_leon_26 autumn-bride-27 autumn-wedding-wanaka-28 wedding-in-autumn-wanaka-29 flax-bouquet-wedding-38 tammy_leon_30 wedding-photo-grass-32 tammy_leon_31 tammy_leon_33 glendhu-bay-wedding-34 tammy_leon_35 wedding-glendhu-bay-wanaka-36 tammy_leon_37 tammy_leon_39 wedding-speeches-wanaka-40 wedding-gin-and-raspberry-41 wedding-first-dance-42