A tale of love and loss - a vintage steampunk wedding photo shoot

I'm so excited to be launching this fabulous story of love & loss in fabulous vintage Steampunk wedding style. Taking place at The Rippon Hall in Wanaka one Spring afternoon, two ladies prepare for their wedding day to as yet unseen suitors. Little do they know their suitors is one and same for both of them. Watch what happens as the ladies are are torn between their friendship and the lone gentleman who has arrived on the scene.

Getting involved in projects such as this are essential for me to keep my personal creativity challenged and focused. Even a month down the track I'm still buzzing from the whole experience of the shoot.

This sumptuous story was the collaboration of a super talented Wanaka team orchestrated by Tracey from The Vintage Hire Co., Deirdre from Road to Beauty on make-up, Shannon van Walt van PraagΒ on hair and our wonderful models Ashleigh, Miriam and Jamie.. you are all well and truly amazing!

Thanks again to Laura at The Rippon HallΒ for loan of such a fabulous venue.

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Props - The Vintage Hire Co. Flowers -

Crimson - Wedding Flowers by Tracey Morrow

Make up - Road to Beauty

Hair - Shannon van Walt van Praag

Models - Ashleigh, Miriam and Jamie

Venue - The Rippon Hall