What to do if it Rains on Your Wedding Day


What to do if it Rains on Your Wedding Day By JL Field


Rain on one’s wedding day is considered so unfortunate that the concept is practically synonymous with bad luck, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster. With the right attitude and preparation, the presence of rain may well add to the beauty of your ceremony. What to do if it rains on your wedding day?

In order to make peace with precipitation, you’ll want to make the following adjustments:


Change your attitude. How many times have you seen beautiful photographs of raindrops on leaves, sun showers in the forest, or mist rising over the wet grass? Ever marvelled at the beauty of a rainbow? Now, imagine what those elements could add to wedding photographs; you can be certain that a talented wedding photographer will know how work them into the beauty of your big day. Rain is a miracle that gives life to our planet—embrace it!


Queenstown rainy wedding photo


Have fun with rain boots and umbrellas. Don’t choose plain white for these items—it will fade right out into the overcast sky. Instead, choose colours that match those you are using for the flowers and other decorations at your ceremony. Or, for night-time images, choose an umbrella that lights up with LED lights.

These items will stand out and look intentional, adding a funky, creative, fresh vibe to your wedding pictures while also serving their very practical purpose of keeping you dry. For added flair, you can get your boots and umbrellas monogramed, adding them to your collection of wedding day keepsakes.


Opt for having a first look. This, of course, is where the bride and groom see one another before the wedding begins - read more about this here. In addition to the first look’s other benefits, it gives a second window of time in which to have pictures taken. Perhaps it will be sunny during this time and rain the rest of the day, or vice versa. The more opportunities you have to get in those photographs, the better the odds of some of them being taken during a rain-free moment.


Children at a rainy wedding photo



















Talk to your photographer about rain. Always hire a professional photographer, rather than simply using a friend or relative who happens to own a good camera, but who likely is not familiar with shooting in the rain. Make sure your photographer is. A good photographer will be familiar with how to best work the various lighting opportunities that present themselves on a rainy day. They will also know how to backlight raindrops so they look like hundreds of dazzling little sparkles—nature’s confetti, in essence—the perfect accompaniment to your big day.


Choose a hairstylist and makeup artist who know how to deal with rain, too. Makeup will need to be rain-resistant, and “set” with powder to avoid damp-looking skin. It’s best if you can find a makeup artist who is willing to stick around and be available for touch-ups during the ceremony, just in case.

Hair, too, will need to be coiffed in a rain-resistant style; have your hairdresser show a relative how to fix the style if it begins to come undone.

Rainy wedding photos wool-shed


If your wedding is going to take place outdoors, make sure to rent a gazebo-style enclosure. A large fabric-covered gazebo with enough room for all your guests will ensure that nobody has to get drenched, and can be erected pretty much anywhere you need.


Bring towels! This one may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget to do, and essential for drying off chairs, benches, etc.

Once you have all of the above in place, there’s no reason why rain has to detract from your wedding day. Loosen up, get colourful, get wild, get wet, and have a blast!