A Photographic Year in Review 2014


Happy New Year everyone… Welcome 2015! Wishing you all a bright and rewarding year to come. By means of review, here is Photographic Year in Review; a selection of my favourite images from 2014... 2014 has been an interesting and fabulous year for Fluidphoto….I have to pinch myself sometimes how many wonderful people I’m attracting to capture their wedding, portrait or commercial project.

To all my friends and family… thank you all so much. Truly I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of your advice, belief and support in what I’m doing.

I’m grateful for how much local support I have with other vendors and acquaintances too…. There’s so much talent in Wanaka it blows me away on a constant basis.

A personal highlight for me this year have been capturing photos for a book on a subject I love to be published this year (more to come on this when its released!). I’ve also got to collaborate with some fabulous individuals on one of my favourite styled shoots ever too and participate in a couple of photography workshops which has developed my professional & creative outlook plus introduced me to some amazing photographers.


A Photographic Year in Review 2014