Why Your Engagement Photo Session Matters

Why Your Engagement Photo Session Matters—And is Not to be Missed

As a bride (or groom) to be, you may be forgiven for thinking that an engagement photo session is somewhat superfluous—after all, you probably expect to be in possession of photos aplenty after the wedding, so why have an engagement shoot as well? What's the point?

Logical as this reasoning may seem, it often proves to be a profound mistake, and a missed opportunity couples regret for the rest of their lives. An engagement shoot is a matrimonial godsend, for all of the following reasons:

  • First impressions are difficult for anyone; in order to get the best pictures of your wedding possible, you and your photographer need to get to know one another. The reasons for this are manifold: One, your photographer can do a much better job of flattering you and your partner if he or she gets a chance to learn your best lighting, angles, poses, and so on, prior to the big day. Second, unless you're used to posing for professional photographs, you'll likely need some experience in how to just relax and be yourself in front of the camera. You will also need to practice how to interact with your partner in front of the camera in such a way as to produce dynamic images—it's not as easy as you might think!

And, finally, it gives you the chance to ensure you and your chosen photographer are a good match for one another; photography is, like all arts, somewhat subjective, so you'll likely want to assess whether or not the photographer's style works for you before you commit to hiring them for your wedding day as well (you only get one wedding day, after all—it's best to be sure!)

  • Those pre-wedding photographs are useful! What better way to announce your wedding and invite guests than save-the-date cards made with beautiful professional photos of you and your beloved? They are also an essential addition to family albums; an album consisting of courtship, engagement, wedding, and honeymoon pictures is a priceless keepsake and family heirloom. You don't want to “skip over” such a key moment as your engagement!

  • Engagement photo sessions allow you to get creative. You're not going to have a lot of time on your wedding day to freely mess around in front of the camera, so the engagement session is the ideal place to create unique, quirky, and touching photographs. You can take the time to choose an interesting and meaningful “theme” for the shoot (such as a shared hobby through which you and your fiancé met, or you can recreate a special memory, or a scene from a romantic movie you both love—the possibilities are endless) and just “play”. This often produces the most fantastic and expressive photographs—images which you will come to treasure.

Ruth loves the opportunity to do engagement photo sessions with couples; get in touch here to ask for more details.