'Rock The Frock' Photo Shoot In Wanaka

When you come across the most stunning vintage Rosemary Smith '80's designer gown in the back of a family wardrobe why not make the absolute most of it? Our young, gorgeous and uber talented local Wanaka girl taking on the equestrian world, Ashleigh decided it was high time to Rock this Frock.

Rather than just go for a traditional look, the team of myself, Deirdre from Road to Beauty and Tracey from Crimson Wedding Flowers decided to put a thoroughly modern twist on this, our version of Ophelia, the Lady of the Lake, our Lake, Lake Wanaka.

Clad in this delightfully floaty full-length lace and organza dress, and with make-up to reflect our New Age Bohemian theme Ashleigh took firstly to horseback on the gorgeously graceful Maggie, owned by Zara from Inspiring Weddings.  What a beautiful, graceful and calm beauty Maggie was to handle both on shore and in the water.

With gilded hints of gold and bronze through Road to Beauty's stunning makeup echoed in the crystal and braid details used in the feather crown from Crimson all we needed was some golden rays of end-of-day sunlight to make this shoot picture perfect. A warm afternoon at the lake with stunning rays of light breaking in the background assured Ashleigh had some truly magical images.

Standing waste deep in water is not for everyone.  Wearing a wedding dress while wearing riding boots atop a magnificent horse is not for everyone.  Wearing makeup and a hair style more reminiscent of a Vogue cover is not for everyone but a Rock the Frock makeover shoot is all about presenting a different look at yourself, stepping outside of your normal and arriving at a spectacular and special version of yourself.

Magnificent wordsmithship by Tracey from Crimson Wedding Flowers

Ruth Brown

I’m Ruth Brown, and Fluidphoto is my business, my heart and my soul. I am an award-winning photographer based in Wanaka, in New Zealand’s South Island. I specialise in wedding and portrait photography.